about maud

about maud


Maud Quaedvlieg works as a full-time artist in Breda. She studied free painting and monumental design at the St. Joost art academy in Breda and free painting and graphics at the WBK (Workplace for Visual Arts) in The Hague.

She herself is always amazed at how she experiences her own painting process, when she has let go of non-thinking, non-oversight and thus control. Then she finds what she does not know.

The paintings look poetic and form a play between abstraction and figuration. Maud has a remarkable color palette, as well as a special layering in her work. It is ultimately the result of looking, examining, scanning, covering and revealing ...

Her paintings reveal only part of their secret and never tell a literal story. There remains room for the unspeakable, for the mystery, for the game. In this way she talks about vulnerability and strength, clarity and mystery, compassion and silence.

Underwater world

In recent years Maud has been trying to make more and more connections with the world below the water surface in one smooth movement.

“The entrance to my studio represents the boundary to another world which is comparable to the boundary between the world above and below water. Under water I enter a silent world where I can be alone with my thoughts. This way I can easily contact the other world and I am increasingly aware that we are part of nature but have started to speak a different language. By making a connection with nature under water and its flowing movements, I try to understand this language again. “.

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