About my sources of inspiration

"Sometimes you experience something special in the past, which later becomes a source of inspiration."

When I was 11, my father gave me a small Agfa photo camera. He said, that if I wanted to become a good artist, I had to learn to look first ...

In my youth, during my college days, I worked on Saturdays at the local florist in my hometown. It was not the bouquets, special plants or flower arrangements that fascinated me most at the time, but rather the green waste that was collected at the end of the day to be thrown away. I always saved some rejected, damaged, faded or broken flowers and leaves from plants, which I took home to repaint. Photography was on the back burner at the time, but it did follow me.

Much later, during my travel-loving period through Uzbekistan, Iran, Armenia, Morocco and Libya, I photographed a lot. However, not to record everything I saw. I realized more and more that I used the camera as a buffer between the overwhelming culture and myself. In my studio I processed these journeys into colorful, dynamic canvases.

Nowadays I use the lens of my mobile phone as a bridge between me and nature that is dying, trampled on or in full bloom. During walks in nature and also in my own garden, I feel the magic of nature in all its eloquence and realize that this inspiration originated in my early childhood.

I do not use the photos to paint "from life" and not as an artistic expression, but for myself as an image for inspiration. In this photo session I take you through the years, to what inspired me and what still surprises me ...